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Kniks Gift Card terms and conditions

Effective from 08.11.2021.

1. Purchasing a Gift Card
1.1. The seller of the Kniks Gift Card (“Gift Card”) is Maksekeskus AS, registry code 12268475 (“Maksekeskus”).
1.2. The Gift Card can be purchased on the website (“Website”). Upon purchase, you must select the monetary value of the Gift Card (“Value”), enter the buyer’s contact e-mail address (“E-mail address”) and pay the amount corresponding to the Value of the Gift Card by one payment methods provided on the Maksekeskus Website.
1.3. The Gift Card is electronic. The Gift Card can be saved as a PDF file.
1.4. We will forward the Gift Card to the E-mail address entered on the Website when purchasing the Gift Card. The Gift Card is not linked to a particular name.

2. Using a Gift Card
2.1. The Gift Card can be used as a means of payment in all e-shops where Kinkekaart Kniks is an accepted payment method.
2.2. When purchasing with a Gift Card, you must select the Gift Card as the payment method in the e-shop and enter the unique code of the Gift Card.
2.3. The Gift Card can be used to pay for purchases in the amount of the Value within one (1) year from the day when Maksekeskus forwarded the Gift Card to the E-mail address. The number of purchases is not limited.
2.4. If the purchase cost exceeds the balance of the Gift Card Value, the missing part can be paid with other payment methods used in the respective e-shop.
2.5. The validity of the Gift Card and the balance can be checked in the e-shop before making a purchase with the Gift Card.
2.6. Maksekeskus will not reimburse the balance of the Gift Card Value that has exceeded the validity period. Also, Maksekeskus does not exchange the Gift Card for money, does not buy back the Gift Card or exchange it.

3. Security of the Gift Card
3.1. Please keep the Gift Card code secure. The recipient of the Gift Card is fully responsible for maintaining the security of the code.
3.2. Maksekeskus is not liable for any damages caused by the Gift Card code falling into the hands of third parties (incl. if the Gift Card falls into the hands of third parties due to entering an incorrect E-mail address, automatic redirections to the entered E-mail address, etc.).

4. Withdrawal from the purchase
4.1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase of the Gift Card within 14 days from the day when Maksekeskus forwarded the Gift Card to the E-mail address. Upon withdrawal from the purchase of the Gift Card, we will reimburse the Value of the Gift Card. The purchase of a Gift Card cannot be withdrawn if the Gift Card has already been used.
4.2. By withdrawing from the purchase for which the Gift Card was used, we will compensate the buyer for the purchase amount paid with the Gift Card with a new Gift Card.

5. Other terms and conditions
5.1. In case you have any problems using the Gift Card, please contact us by e-mail: All complaints must be submitted in writing no later than 30 days from the occurrence of the circumstances of the complaint. We will review complaints within 14 days.
5.2. Maksekeskus has the right to change the terms and conditions of using the Gift Card by publishing the changed terms and conditions on the Website.
5.3. Processing data is subject to the Privacy policy of Maksekeskus.
5.4. Estonian law applies to the Gift Card terms and conditions.